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I s'pose we could ride the same horse

May 4, 1945

My Darling Sweetheart Gene,

I must write you right now while I am so much in the mood. And why do you suppose I am feeling so? That shouldn't be hard to guess: I just received a letter and birthday card from my darling.

Perry never passed up a chance to ride a horse--no matter
how old he got or how few the opportunities.
Sweetheart, please forgive me. I know my last letter especially wasn't a very good one. I was too blue. I don't blame you for not writing when you didn't hear from me for so long. I know how hard it is when you feel like that. I promise you will get letters from me regularly as long as I can get yours. I really love to write you, my darling, as long as I can get your mail to give me inspiration. Oh, my darling wife, I wonder if any husband ever loved his wife as much as I love you.

The card was pretty cute. I'll bet that little girl on the roof is just the way ours will look, huh? (ha, ha) You mentioned about Emily coming out, but you didn't say if your folks had rented that place on Manchester or where she was going to stay. I'm just curious.

Now, sweetheart, I'm not going to tell you what I bought you. I'm going to send it to you in a little surprise package. You know how I am--I would rather surprise people. The best surprise of all will be when I come walking up Flower St. to 2913 S. I often find my thoughts and dreams carrying me a long ways away.

After graduating from high school, Perry
went to college while his good friend,
Clyde Wahlquist, married and started a family
I finally got a letter from Clyde. He's telling me of all the things we are going to do when I get out of the Navy. If we do everything everyone has planned, we are really going to be kept busy for quite a while. I think I would prefer just to be alone with my darling and we will have another honeymoon. I hope we can even have one before I get out for good. How's about it, huh?

Darling, I love you more and more. I wonder how you are going to be able to stand up under all my embraces when I get to be with you again. Always yours, Perry

May 5, 1945

My Darling Wife,

The first thought that comes to my mind as I sit down to write you is how much I love you. I feel like saying it over and over, but such a repetition might detract from its true meaning. I do love you with all my heart, my darling.

The question you asked and wanted me to explain is one which I'm afraid I can't answer very satisfactorily. It's pretty hard to guess when you're going to be next as long as you are in the Navy. Sometimes I think I will be out here for the duration and other times I think there could be a possibility of coming back for a little while. The latter I don't like to count on too much because it's likely to turn out to be a disappointment. Right now though I could endure this again much better if I only had even a few short days with my darling. I would be very hard to leave again, though, I know. I only live each day though knowing that whatever happens will probably be for the best, or at least we will have to make it so.

Sweetheart, I think it is pretty wonderful the progress you seem to be making with your father's stenographer. There are so many reasons why I think so much of both you and your folks. Keep it up, my sweetheart.

As for the horseback riding, I think that is a pretty good idea too. Oh how I wish I could be there to "teach" you. I've often thought we could have quite a good time out home going horseback riding. We only have one riding horse anymore, but I guess we could take turns, or I s'pose we could ride the same horse. What would you think of that, huh? A word of caution though, you had better take it pretty easy the first few times, that is unless you want to neither be able to sit, stand or walk. I speak with a lot of experience. (cough, cough) It makes me "sore" to even think of some of my experiences. I don't think there is any danger of you going at it quite that hard though.

Sweetheart, I love your letters so much. I hope you will write me constantly, regularly, every day--at least now while I can receive them regularly and as long as you are getting mine regularly. It doesn't take long, you know. It seems so strange to ask you questions and get answers to them in such a short time--so much shorter than it has been anyway. I wish it could be that way all the while I am out here, but I know that isn't possible.

Have you heard from Dick and Pierce lately. I do hope they are well and safe. The war can't last much longer there, in fact, I guess it could be considered practically over now. I hope your father's stomach is all right now.

Darling, I love you very, very dearly. You prove to me more and more that I am a very blessed and fortunate man. Always yours, Perry

May 6, 1945 (Sunday eve.)

My dearest husband Perry,

Here it is Sunday evening already--the end of your birthday in this year. Oh, I wish I could have been with you today, sweetheart. Were you able to attend church today? Do you feel any older? Perry, can't you send me a picture of yourself? I want one so very much.

Well, I gave my 2 1/2 minute talk this morning. Guess it was pretty good. You know, I wasn't scared a bit. But, of course, my audience was quite small--that helps. Today was a beautiful day, clear and warm as summer. Viola came over for dinner. I told mother since I invited her, I would get the dinner. And I did too. Mother was quite surprised 'cause my dinner was a lovely success, enjoyed by all. You see, I can cook when I'm given a chance. It's fun too. You must come home now and let me prove it to you.

Viola and I have decided to take tomorrow off. I want to help mother clean up and fix the room we rented for Emily. There is so much to be done: floor scrubbed, walls cleaned, new curtains, closet cleaned, furniture washed, etc. We want it looking nice when Emily comes. [Richard's wife, Gene's sister-in-law]

Viola is busy too. She is making Avanelle's wedding gown and helping her get things ready for the wedding, etc. They (Avanelle and spence) will be married sometime this month in the Salt Lake temple.

My darling, I have been thinking of you all day long, wondering what you were doing and thinking. I remember the sweet and long, long letter--a special one you wrote on my birthday--and wanted to make this a special one to you too. But here I have just rambled on as usual. I'm not as gifted with the pen as you are. Words just don't come fluently that way to me. I can talk much easier. But anyway, you always say you want to know all about me, so I try to tell you my feelings and then what I am doing each day. Oh, my Perry, the only thing I want in this world is you and the fulfillment of our dreams and our prayers.

(Monday eve.) My Sweetheart, I didn't get to finish last night. Mother made me go to bed, so here I am again. I received another letter from you today. You have not gotten any of my letters yet. I can't understand why, and it makes me feel very bad. I promise you I shall write every day now, Perry. You should be getting my letters by now tho 'cause lately I've been writing oftener. It's so wonderful to be getting your letters everyday again, sweetheart.

Dearest lover, when can you come home and let me tell you how much I love you and tell you just what I think of that wonderful guy I married. I'm so proud of you, Perry. Do you know what I've been doing this day--helping mother again. We really have been working on Emily's little place. It looks better already, but we're not quite thru. We have to put the curtains up and do a few more things yet. Golly, I can hardly wait till she and the baby get here. They left Illinois today--will be here Wednesday nite.

Well, I guess the war is over in Europe, and I understand that most of the soldiers will be sent directly to the Pacific altho some will receive furloughs. Oh, I wonder how long this conflict will go on. It must end soon. Surely right will prevail.

I promise you I will write again tomorrow, darling. Goodnight for now, sweetheart. I love you. Your own, Gene

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