Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Kisses Tasted Very Good

December 6, 1944

Hello Darling,

Was very pleased to receive such a nice card from you today. Apparently you hadn't received my letter yet. It seems like I have been waiting a long time. I'm sure I'll get a letter from you tomorrow though. Hope you'll make them long and even if you don't think they will be interesting, I can assure you that no matter what you write about, I will feast upon every word. I haven't even seen a newspaper since I last saw you so you see that even that would be a topic of interest for me now. (Only to be used as a last resort though, huh?)

Got paid today so I have a more comfortable feeling now. There's not much I can spend money on, but somehow it always seems to add to my comfort whether I can use it or not. I'll be glad when I can get my immediate financial debts cleared away. I'll be expecting enough letters in the future to make up for the past delay. Incidentally, the kisses tasted very good. [Probably referring to XXX kisses on the card.]

Affectionately yours, Perry

Virginia Dart, Pierce, Perry & Gene
(No sure who the guy on the far left is)

December 7, 1944

My Dearest Perry,

I love you too! I've just gotten home from work and found two letters from you. The one of the 4th and the other the 5th. They were so sweet, my darling, they nearly break my heart. I do hope by this time you have received my Christmas card and my letter. (The mail service is not fast enough to suit me.)

I can tell from your letters that they have not given you any time off to go ashore. It seems you are just aboard ship waiting for something. (What would it be? Sailing orders?) Won't you get anymore shore leave? Perry, if you were to have even just one day off (if I could know ahead of time) you know I would want to--and would with your permission--come down there to be with you. I could stay with my Aunt Rena and cousins. They would love to have me and to see you too. I have heard twice from Virginia now. She asks about you each time.

Oh, my darling, you know I miss you. No matter what I do, I always think of you. I'm going to make you some cookies tomorrow. I hope you will get them before next week. Did you get Genevieve's candy? I hope so. It was so good.

I took your picture to be printed today and they tell me it will take five or six weeks before I get it, as it will be sent to Rochester, NY. Isn't that a long time? I am going to get a tiny glass frame for it and it will set on my dresser. I think its a beautiful little picture, Perry.

I got a letter from Emily [Gene's sister-in-law, Richard's wife] today too. She wants me to come to Illinois and visit. But of course I can't. It would cost so much, and besides, I would rather stay here on my job and be close to you. We also got a V-mail letter from Pierce. He is now in Holland. He says he likes it much better than France and Belgium. The people are cleaner too. He is living in a brick building and that is a warmer place.

Don't worry and fret yourself, sweetheart, about writing to Emily and Dick. I can write for the both of us. Dick and Pierce don't write often themselves because of their circumstances and everybody understands. Thank you, darling, for your sweet compliment about my writing, but you know it comes quite hard for me too. I too have to think out every thing I say. (Of course writing you is different, like talking to you.) And your penmanship is super. I never have any trouble reading it. (Just look how I scribble! ha, ha.)

I want to mail this to you tonight, dearest, so will close now. I love you Perry. Your own wife who longs for you, Gene

p.s. I'll write you again tomorrow.

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