Saturday, August 13, 2011

"My Dear Wife"

Perry & Gene's Wedding Day
Perry and Gene Manwaring were married October 13, 1944 during World War II. The return address on Perry's letter reads: U.S.S. Kittson (APA 123), S.C.T.C. Terminal Island, San Pedro, California. The letter is addressed to: Mrs. Perry Manwaring, 2913 S. Flower St., Los Angeles 7, California.

October 19, 1944

My Dear Wife,

I can't be with you tonight, but my thought are with you just the same. And my thoughts find themselves taking form with pen and ink. Do you realize this is the first letter I have written to you as my wife? Does it seem strange? I hope it gives you a thrill as it does me.

I keep wondering what my wife is doing and how she is feeling tonight. I hope you are feeling all right and if you are not, I hope it is only because I can't be there with you. Do you know I have a little bit of good news to tell you. I will probably see you before this letter reaches you, but anyway, here it is. I am going to have this weekend off and also the next. The next time I have duty is next Wednesday and that is the night of your shower so you won't miss me so much.

You know the way just little things like that work out for us. I can't help but be convinced that even the other things we desire (bigger and better things) will work out similarly. It may come as a complete surprise even sooner than we think, even though the future now appears to be rather dark and obscure.

Well, you have a few of my thoughts for tonight. All my love my dearest. Perry

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