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Tonight I want you in my arms again, sweetheart

This music box and letter are in possession of Renee Manwaring. Renee writes, "A note Dad put inside the box says 'I bought this piano music box for Gene in 1944, Los Angeles, CA before we were married.' In this letter Mom expresses how much she is missing Dad after he had to return to his ship. I wonder if she felt the same way about their separation when she died and had to wait for Dad to join her."

Monday evening, Dec 18, 1944

My dearest Perry

Oh How I miss you tonite my darling.  I wish you were sitting here bside me listening to the Christmas programs and the beautiful music that is on the radio now.  It's so lovely. I received a beautiful Christmas card from your mother and father today.  I liked the verse so much.  Darling, I will send your gift from your sisters as soon as it comes.  (I hope it comes soon.)  Have you received the cookies yet?

There is a tenor on the radio just now singing - "Ah Sweet Mystery of Life" which makes me look up at the lovely little piano sitting on the shelf.  Perry I love it more than any thing that's ever been given me.  The little card inside I read over and over--I like that expression of love written there.

Saying goodbye to my sweeheart this morning was a harder thing to do than at any other time.  Oh how I hated to give you up darling even if it should be for a short time.  Perry, this past week-end was so perfect - like a very sweet dream and I didn't want it to end ever.

Ginnie and I went to the drugstore this evening and got our pictures - so am enclosing these for you.  If you don't want so many just keep what you would like darling and send the rest back to me.  (but remember these are for you.)  They surely bring back memories don't they?  Oh Perry I love you so - your wife is madly in love with you.

Today was a very busy day the office.  I sat at the order board all day taking calls as fast as I could.  By late afternoon, I had a headache from it all.  It was quite a hectic day.  I guess it will be from now till Christmas.  But someday I won't be working an an office all day for a living.  I'll be keeping house for my wonderful husband and helping to raise our children.  Perry is it all right if I dream about this?

This isn't a very long letter I know - but I am so tired tonite Perry.  I'll write more tomorrow.

I love you dearest.
Your own wife, Gene

P.S.  Tonite I want you in my arms again sweetheart.  My arms are so empty now.

Dec. 19, 1944

My Darling Wife,

Since I came back aboard, I have received all of the letters you had written, four in all I believe, and they were so very sweet. But then how could they be any different coming from such a sweet person. I also received the box of cookies and they were equally sweet, most delicious. Did you really make them alone or did you have some help? I hope all of your cooking will be of such a quality.

I guess by now you have noticed that I am writing on the stationery you bought me. I like it swell, how about you? I have such a thoughtful wife. She is always thinking of me. Sweetheart, why did you think that I didn't like the wallet? Guess I wasn't as enthusiastic in expressing my feelings as I should have been. My other wallet was so old and ragged, as you so easily observed, that I really needed a new one. Maybe you can find me a coin purse and send to me as I can't seem to buy one here.

You have probably noticed by now that I left my razor there. Looks like you are going to have to put up with a rather absent-minded husband. If you haven't already done so, would you please send it to me as I need it.

We did have such a good Christmas, even though it was a little premature, didn't we? I liked particularly what you said in one of your letters that you were the happiest when you were with me. Oh, Gene, you are the only person who can make me happy, and I will only be completely happy when I am with you always. Each time I see you I love you so much more. I am so thankful for the weekend we had together because we grew closer together, though it seemed impossible to be any closer, and now I know we love each other even more.

Goodnight for now my sweet wife. I think of you and pray for us always. I love you, Perry

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