Saturday, August 20, 2011

"Tonight I Am Wondering Where You Are"

Gene with her two brothers, Richard and Pierce
December 8, 1944

My dearest husband Perry,

Tonight I am wondering where you are and what you have been doing. Please won't you come home. Dearest, if you are going to be down there for awhile, why can't I come down or you get some leave and come home. Oh, Perry, even if it could be a few hours. I'm sorry for going on like this. I know you must know your circumstances there better than I. I know you miss me as I miss you, Perry. But as long as you are in this country, I want to be with you if possible.

Tonight was another chorus practice so didn't get very far in making those cookies, but I promise you will get them by next week. [The rest of this letter is missing.]

December 8, 1944

My Dearest Gene,

I won't attempt to express how happy your letters made me tonight. I read and reread it just to make me feel nearer to you. I also received a letter from Clyde [Perry's best friend from high school.] plus the ones you sent me from Mother and Dad. It seems so long since I even received a letter from anybody. I'm hoping I'll get another one from my darling tomorrow.

It's quite late now so I won't have time to write you as much as I want to tonight. I hope I will be able to sometime tomorrow. Oh, my darling, I think of you constantly. No other thought ever takes precedence over you and I pray none ever will. Goodnight for now, sweetheart. I'll be dreaming of you. Your affectionate and loving husband, Perry

P.S. Guess I'll have to see Virginia and Aunt Rena some other time.

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