Thursday, August 4, 2011

Remembering My Mother and Father

Not long ago, my brother, Dale, and I were talking about our mother and how much we miss her. These pictures were taken during World War II when my father was away serving our country in the US Navy. Both our parents have passed away, but they leave a beautiful love story told through the letters they wrote to each other during this difficult time when war forced them apart. I have these letters stored away in a box, but, while I'm still alive, I want to share them with my brothers and sisters and their children, as well as my children, and grandchildren.

Perry and Gene Manwaring, my parents, were married Friday, October 13, 1944 in Los Angeles, California. Dad always said Friday the 13th was his lucky day. It was on the roof of the Ione Apartments were Mom lived in Los Angeles that Dad proposed marriage and got Mom to promise to have six children.

Mom writes on the back of one picture, "February 10, 1945, 'Thinking of you." And on the back of the other picture, "Wish you could have been here to push me, Perry. Remember when you did?"

In the following posts, I'm going to share the letters my parents wrote to each other during World War II. After Dad died, I put these letters away, knowing they were special, but not feeling ready to read them just yet. Now I'm ready, and also ready to share them with all of you.

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  1. Thanks for doing this Mom. I am really excited.


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