Sunday, August 7, 2011

Perry Visits Parents in Roosevelt, Utah

September 16, 1944

My Darling Gene,

I just received your letter today and I was so glad to get it and so glad you decided to write even before you heard from me; otherwise, I would still be hoping. I have been worried, wondering if you would think I was negligent in thinking and writing to you because I didn't write until the second day rather than the first as I said I would.

My reason in waiting was because I wanted to tell them all about you which really took quite a while. Please forgive me, won't you? I hope you haven't been wondering and waiting. I arrived home last night about six o'clock, and of course once more the evening was spent telling my mother and father about what a wonderful girl I had met. I told them the whole story right from the first, hoping to keep them in suspense for the grand climax, but I think they surmised what the end was going to be like before I had gone very far.

Gene darling, I miss you so much. I feel as though part of me were missing. I want you with me all the time and earnestly pray that that time might not be too far distant. I expect to arrive back in Los Angeles on noon of Thursday the 21st. Will you meet me at the station? I surely hope you will.

It looks like I am home just in time to spend part of my vacation doing some real work. We expect to start threshing our grain any day now. Guess there's nothing like getting back into the groove again just as soon as I get back on the farm.

Most of the pictures you sent were pretty good except the one where I was half asleep. I knew I was sleepy, but I didn't realize I would fall asleep while posing in front of the camera.

Well, it really won't be long until I will be seeing you again sweetheart, and I can really hardly wait until then. You know I will be thinking of you all the time. All my love to you, "My lovely lady." I do love you so much. Perry

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